About Trail See

Trail See was founded to help people explore new trails with confidence.

Trails the Old Way

Founder, Dave Sick, lived in many beautiful places growing up from Tennessee to Texas, Colorado to Wyoming and British Columbia to California. Every time he moved he had no friends with whom to explore and it took a great deal of time to research, find and enjoy the new trails. More often than not, he got lost the first few times. Youth has the pleasure of time to spare to get lost and eventually find the route. Now, as a business owner and father, his windows for trail exploration are very tight. The desire to explore is still present, however, with little time for getting lost birthed TrailSee.

The Trail See Way

The Iphone turn by turn screenTrailSee app allows you to explore new trails with confidence. Starting with coverage in Lake Tahoe, TrailSee provides a comprehensive trail search. Each trail contains the key information to determine which new trail is best for you. The phone GPS helps you find its starting point including driving directions to the trailhead. Then, enjoy the new trail using turn-by-turn directions for the trail just like a car GPS. With one ear bud or the phone mounted on your bike or arm you will be able to keep the phone away, focus on the trail and directions will be provided both on screen and audibly at each intersection. These audible directions allow you to take a route on a trail with confidence. You can also record your own trails and share them with friends.

Now get out there and explore with confidence using Trail See!